Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Air Asia X

Back in Dublin... yet again. Looks like this year i'm gonna miss another raya. Back to Air Asia X, price-wise... i love it. Treatment-wise... not too much. For half the price, i enjoyed more spacious seating with extra leg room.. love it coz now i dont need to bother my neighbor every time i want to go the lavatory.
I would suggest anyone taking long-haul flight with air asia to buy the comfy kit before hand or at least bring your own blanket. Dont forget to pre-order your meals since they are a lot cheaper if pre-ordered. In the future, I would like to see a complete meal set that come with fruits and desserts. Paying a little more wont hurt.
For a mere Rm30, you can rent a Portable Media Player to watch some of the newly released movies, series and songs. However, I would prefer the traditional options which does rather than having to hold up the PMP for 2 hours.
I never was any good with words.. so picture time!!!

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