Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trade Union Protest - Dublin

I wanted to get a short break from all the studying (yeah right!!).. so went out for a walk in Grafton Street. While I was checking up some books, i heard some commotion outside the book shop. Went out to see what it was about.. thousands of people marching out just outside the Trinity College. Luckily I brought my camera with me. I missed the start because my camera was inside a double bag.. so it took sometimes to take it out. At first i thought it was around thousand people.. but aas i walk up towards O'connell street, I couldnt see the end of it. Only afterward when i watched the TV i realized there were more 50,000 people street protesting.
Anyway, enjoy the pics.. more at my Flickr page.

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Craig Kanalley said...

Great read and even better pictures. Outstanding to get a better perspective on this event.

Another interesting read about this -- Breaking Tweets collected what people around Dublin are saying about it on Twitter, including some of the protesters themselves..highly recommend it: