Friday, October 31, 2008

What a THURSday...

I decided to renew my immigration card today.. Was there quite late (9am) and the queue was insane as usual. -363- that's my number. "Come back at 5" . Damn...
I came back at 330. I know was early so I went net surfing at nearby internet cafe. Around 430 I went back in, and still... 100++ to go. If i know this gonna happen, i might as well get some food, nap whatever and come back at 7.
Finally, they called my number.. 745 PM!! and had to wait another hour to finish processing.
Was waiting for bus and saw this very nice playbunny in pink glow :) very nice... i dont know why.. it seems that nothing went right. The bus only came 30min later.
Back at home.. i cant unlock the freakin door. Give me a break!! I was stuck for around 8min and it finally gives in to me. What a day for me.... ::sigh::

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ring the bell!!!

I couldn't remember when was the last time i hear my house bell ringing.

Have u ever experience waiting for your parcel/packet to come from as early as 8am only to find that delivery notice in your mail box? I guess most of us have.

So please, Mr. Mailman/woman etc.... put yourself in your customer's shoe. The bell is not just for show. It defeats the purpose of having the xxxxxx bell. Ring once or twice than go ahead.. leave your curse letter there.

...enough ranting...

Had nothing much to do in the evening. It gets dark pretty early these days. So i decided to went for a basic photography talk in my college. It nothing much, just basic things like aperture, shutter speed and exposure. At least, got to see new faces. Since i came back after summer, i can count with right hand finger alone.. people using Alpha. In Ireland, the Sony DSLR range as not as popular as Canon or Nikon. The shops here mostly stock C n N stuff. I cant even find battery grip for alpha. They have some lenses and flashes at Argos, but way overpriced.

..ooopss, looks like the ranting still goes on :P

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 EX DC

As promised, here's some sample pictures.. enjoy...
-Stephens Green Park-

-Grafton Street-

-Book of Kells-

-Molly Mallone-

-light trails-

More pictures @ my Flickr..

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Do not mistaken.. i'm not crying nor sad. I was bored. I decided to go out to check on tripod prices. It was raining. I braced myself in the rain (its not that heavy) waiting for the bus. After about 10 mins dancing in the rain, the bus finally arrived. Again, when i arrived at my destination, the shop was closed. So unfortunate. since i was using the new rambler smart card anyway, what the heck.... i just get another bus to the town. I went to few camera shops to check out tripods and bags. I do not bother to have a look at lens coz shops here dont stock many alpha mount. Even if they were, its xxxxxxx expensive. Since my effort was fruitless anyway, i decided to have ago. Since this shop are having sale for their lens, i just asked
me: Do u stock sigma for sony?
guy: Not sure, which one?
me: hmm.. 10-20 maybe?
guy: dont think so...

As i was about to leave, he called me and told me they had one in stock. I asked for the price and then walked away. I made some thinking (and calculating of course) along the way. And the result...

UWA!!!! I couldnt resist the temptation. Yes, UWA stands for Ultra Wide Angle, Super Wide or whatever u called it. I went home with the sigma.

Some quick review ( i had no chance to test it since it was raining outside)....

It comes with lens case, petal hood (i like..), rear cap and front pinch-type cap. And dont forget the lens.

The lens case feels nice. Cushion-like padding at the bottom (front) and styrofoam at the top (mount) part.

It has 77mm filter diameter which is normal (huge to me since i only have experienced 55mm kitlens and 49mm km 50mm). Very narrow filter thread. The front element bulge a bit, i'm not sure whether it touches the cap while its on. Since i have no filter to try on, vignetting is not an issue so far (inside my room).

The weight is just nice (470g). The focussing is ok (no HSM on alpha and pentax mount). The distance scales are carved on the body( which i dont like), unlike the Canon n Nikon version. During the auto focusing, the manual focus ring rotates (which i dont like). So make sure u are holding it at the right place while auto focusing.

The angle covered (10mm which is 15mm on 1.5x crop factor) is something i could only wish i had earlier.
The zoom ring is quite tight but will loosen after a while. During zooming, the barrel extends abit starting from 14mm. The f-value goes up quite fast. 10mm = f4. 11mm f4.5. So make sure u have enough lighting if u want to bring this inside.

Performance wise, i cant comment since i haven't got a chance to bring it out. My first impression, i love the angle, the size, the hood and the extreme wide (did i mention that?).

What i dont like is the rotating focusing ring while AF, no HSM (i wonder why the RRP is the same as other mount which availabe in HSM), the front cap is very close to the front element (i think its the same for every UWA) and the distance scale.

I chose this lens instead sony 11-18mm because of range and price-wise. Since both of them are for APS-C sensor, i wont lose anything so i go for a cheaper version. I hope alpha mount will have faster and constant aperture UWA lens in the future coz i almost definitely gonna get that...

Sample pictures will follow later. And i hope my next toy will come ASAP :P

Friday, October 24, 2008

Good bye...

Today, is my last day at Summerhill Surgery. To be honest, I was a little bit sad. "Patah tumbuh hilang berganti".. chewahh!!It has been a great experience. I hope, the next one will also be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Good bye Summerhill..

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Finally, it's here.. first time nak gi peripheral ni nervous gak. macam 1st time nak fly lak. sampai kat busaras pukul 8 pagi. 1st bus pulak pukul 9.45.

it was boring being alone. thank god i bring my life saver - my breakfast :P . I had my breakfast in the bus while listening to music.

The ride took about one hour. tapi pening jugak. tak ramai dalam bas, 8 peoples at most. since, it was my 1st time, i dont know u need to request stop. bile rase2 macam dah lepas je summerhill town tu, i decided to ask the driver. he stopped but told me summerhill was the last village. :(

this is the place where i got off. Summerhill Celtic Training Field. So, i walked back up the road into the center (it was alsmost 1km). I stopped to ask at the Summerhill Pharmacy.. looks like i actually missed it on my way to the center. Jalan a balik. around 500m, i finally arrived at my destination.
No wonder i missed it. It looks like a house yet its not.

The staffs and doctors are very friendly. im happy i got sent here although at first i was complaining since im all alone here.

The 1st week was over and i cant wait for the 2nd week. yeehaa!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Raya @ Dublin

4th Syawal - baru hari ni ade peluang nak beraya. As usual almost every year there will be a raya gathering organize by embassy, msm, jpa n mara. This year was no exclusion. The raya gathering was held at Malaysia Hall, Leeson Street.

Arrived at Malaysia Hall around 3pm - there was a long queue - and sea of people. Met some old friends but most of them were new faces. The menu were nasi impit/ketupat, rendang ayam, kuah kacang etc. This year we also have tandoori rice n chicken by our famous uncle Yussof (Dublin Mosque).

@ Ju's house, Portmarnock - the kuih bakar is awesome !!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Eid Mubarak !!!

Happy Eid Mubarak !!!
Selamat Hari Raya !!!

Kepada ayah bonda serta keluarga tersayang, tidak lupa juga kepada cik siti... ampun maaf dipinta. Di malam 1 Syawal ni, sunyi pulak duduk sorang2 ni. kata orang, alah bisa tegal biasa.

Dah dekat seminggu dah balik Dublin. Kelas dah start. Gambar sket... around Dublin

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off to bed for now. why must i have class today ::grrr::